Reasons Why I Won’t Date An Ex..

  1. It ended for a reason. If shit hit the fan, and we fell apart once, who’s to say it won’t happen again?
  2. Insecurity. He broke up with me. If I were to get back together with him, then I would constantly be worried. If he broke up with me last time when things got hard, it could happen again. I know I would constantly be worried about if I’m good enough, if I’m handling things better, if if if if. etc.
  3. Comparison to “last time.” I can’t be with someone a second time, because I would feel that there would always be an ongoing battle. Last time we dated we did this, we went there, we acted this way, blah blah blah. You’d be measuring how good your relationship is by comparing it to the way things were or the way they used to be.
  4. Right person, wrong timing? I call bullshit. If they really are the right person. it will work no matter what, no matter the time, no matter the circumstance. Because when two people love each other, they make it work. Timing doesn’t make a difference. A relationship shouldn’t end because of timing. If you blame the ending of a relationship on timing, I think you have bigger problems.


Maybe I’m just bitter. Maybe that’s just me. But I won’t date an ex.


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