things about me

  • I’m a compulsive liar.
  • I have a tendency to chase things that I know will hurt me.
  • I’m scared of consistency the way most people are scared of change.
  • I’m a vegetarian.
  • I lie about my past because I don’t want anyone to know the truth.
  • I don’t lie on my blog. I promise that’s not a lie.
  • I always keep my promises.
  • I don’t make promises to myself.
  • I love smoking cigarettes and weed every day and no I don’t want to stop.
  • I can’t fall asleep in silence. I need a running fan or headphones or music/TV in the background.
  • I’m a former alcoholic.
  • I don’t think therapy or medication works.
  • I’m a strong believer of the placebo effect.
  • I change my hair color at least every few months.
  • I’m a hopeless romantic.
  • I’ve only shown one person I know this blog, and it’s not someone I dated.
  • I’m a Pisces, and yeah I read my horoscopes.
  • Rain is my favorite.
  • I’m a little too into drug use and I constantly abuse drugs but I don’t consider myself an addict. I do it for fun, not to fill some unspeakable void.
  • I’m going to add more to this list.

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