The first lacked physicality
The second, depth
A sense of reality
No desire for vitality

The forces of my fortress
Clockwork retaliation
I became less
And you were my vision

Wars in my mind
Should I give in?
A contract I signed
Drenched in sin

Cell vaults for penance
Countless battles lost
Faith’s unwanted presence
A war with no cost

The sun slipped through
The cracks of cement
It was meant to be you
Hope found in the vents

An escape route
It was now visible
Without a doubt
Desirable, reachable, beseechable,

There wasn’t a reason
I fell asleep, you woke up
Due to the committed treason
All of a sudden, a little abrupt

Promised permanence
Awoken from a dream
Through your existence
Lost, conquered, seen

A gravitational pull
Minus the stability
It was half full
Falling without negativity

They’re not on the ground
Parce que we’re still falling
What I needed has been found
The drops are enthralling

Traveling down the window sills
Of the house built in my mind
I’ve had my fill
I’ve done my time


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