another unnamed poem

I’m sitting here just needing to write,

Just to get some things off my mind,

Because I’ve been tripping more lately,

Blowing through more gs by the week,

I’m starving myself I feel fucking weak,

But when I’m high I can fly,

I see all my dreams and I can predict the mindset,

of myself tomorrow,

because tomorrow will just be nostalgia of today,

of all my yesterdays,

Sometimes my friends are just glass bottles,

cigarettes, and grinders of weed,

That guitar on that floor helped me through high school,

That Star Wars poster on the wall is a collectible and I wanted them all,

My things are my past and there’s nothing from now,

Now is gone in a blaze and its then,

Might as well blaze one then,

Maybe if I was less self destructive I wouldn’t be so broke then,

Maybe my favorite song is what picked me up when I was broken,

Maybe it was just that cup of hot chocolate I made at midnight,

It’s getting harder to put up a fight,

I’m lost but I have a clue of where I am,

Tell me what you can,

I’d rather be in a city that never sleeps,

Where there’s 35 McDonald’s over the span of two streets,

Not a single person recognizes you there,

But you might catch a stranger’s stare,

You are just the vibes you put off,

You’re a girl smoking a cigarette on the corner,

You’re that person on her phone in the store,

Your name doesn’t matter because no one knows it,

Your face won’t matter unless you show it,